IT architecture and design

Modern, reliable architecture and design of your IT solutions.

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Architecture and design of your IT solution.

Only a good architecture and design may result in a good IT solution.
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Archimate Metamodel
Solution architecture

Designing modern solution architectures of complex IT systems from strategy, business, application, technical and implementation viewpoints.

Business architecture
Security architecture
Network architecture
Data architecture
Dev/Ops architecture
Application architecture

Designing components of the solution from the perspective of technologies, principles, design patterns and best practices.
Archimate | UML | BPMN


Knowledge transfer to your team via onsite, online or offline trainings, courses or workshops.

Innovations and Research

Adopting cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT and cybersecurity to unlock new possibilities. Driving the creation of smarter algorithms, more secure systems, and novel computing paradigms.


Google cloud, Oracle cloud, AWS,
Private cloud


Cloud native, Microservices, Microfrontends, Containers, API design, Messaging/Streaming, Webservices,


IAM, Integrations, Portal, Processes and rules, Reporting, Forms, CMS/DMS/ECM, MDM, GIS, AI, Observability stack,


Open source, Security, High availability, Performance, Scalability, Legal, Maintainability, Accessibility, Configuration, Compatibility, Platform, Localization, Testability, Deployment,


Strategy, Motivation, Principles, Patterns, Constraints, Best practices, Technologies and stacks,
Development process


Smart factory, Smart city, Smart home, Arduino, PLC, ISA-95

Why Choose Us

More than 20 years of experience in solution architecture and design of complex IT solutions respecting functional and nonfunctional requirements.


Security as a key aspect of the solution. Following security by design principle.


Using modern, best of the class open source technologies and platforms.


Following and respecting standards to ensure safety, quality and reliability.

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